The Boat Base

The boat base is a less common, but still important, origami base. It is rather simple, and can be used to fold a variety of origami models. It is also used to help make the pinwheel base.

Step 1: Start with your piece of paper color side down

Step 2: Crease the paper by valley folding the paper in half horizontally and vertically

Step 3: Crease the diagonals

 Step 4: Valley fold the right and left edges to the center

Step 5: Valley fold the top and bottom edges to the center

Step 6: Partially unfold the top flap

Step 7: Valley fold the point at my index finger to the point at my thumb...

... like this:

Step 8: Do the same on the other side and squash fold the flap flat

 It should look like this:

Step 9: Rotate the model 180 degrees

Step 10: Repeat steps 6-9 on the new top part to complete your boat base!

Models requiring Boat base:

The Butterfly
The Pinwheel Base
Note: There are more models folded from first a boat base, then a pinwheel base. I listed these models under the instructions for The Pinwheel Base.


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