Hi! I'm Aubrey and this is my blog, Epic Origami. My older brother started this blog, and I took over when he got bored of it. I'm definitely not an expert on origami yet, but I am learning and improving rapidly. The purpose of Epic Origami is to provide clear, reliable instructions for a variety of origami models. Sometimes, origami books or online instructions are too vague or unclear. I strive to create clear and accurate instructions (if you are confused on a post, just comment and I will try to improve the post).
         Feel free to browse the models! To look for certain types, click on the tabs at the top of the screen (directly under the title) to check out different categories. You can also go to the archive on the right sidebar and look by month and year. In case you were wondering what I do with all the stuff I fold, view the link!

Also, feel free to follow my Google Plus page here to receive updates about new models and other things.


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