Origami Basketball Hoop

The basketball hoop is a fun and interactive model. Once made, just crumple some paper into a ball and start shooting (you can also make a crumpled ball). It can be made from either origami paper or printer paper. If you make it from origami paper, it won't be as tall, and won't stand up as easily, but it will still work. I would recommend making it from printer paper though. Also, it might fall over when being used, so just put a book or something behind it and it will stay up fine.

Step 1: If you're using printer paper, orient it vertically. If you're using origami paper, make a waterbomb base and then skip to step 9.

Step 2: Valley fold the top left corner over (the top edge should align with the right side)

Step 3: Unfold

Step 4: Valley fold the top right corner over to the left edge

Step 5: Unfold and turn the paper over

Step 6: After you've turned the paper over, fold the top edge down so the creases lie on top of each other.

Step 7: Unfold and turn the paper back over

Step 8: Take the two points sticking out on each side and bring them down to the center...

...and squash the top flat. It gives you a waterbomb base on the top of the paper.

Step 9: Mountain fold the top point backwards

Step 10: Take the two 'wings' of the front of your waterbomb base and slide one into the other. This forms the actual hoop.

Step 11: Valley fold the left and right edges into the center

Step 12: Unfold the edges partway. This will make your hoop stand up on it's own. Your basketball hoop is now completed! Just crumple a smaller piece of paper into a ball and start shooting. 


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