Coin Purse

The coin purse is a very easy and practical model to fold. Once folded it will hold quite a bit of coins, and you can always make more. You could even have a different color coin purse for each type of coin!

Step 1: Start with your paper color side down

Step 2: Valley fold the bottom edge up to the top

Step 3: Valley fold the right edge to the left so it is five centimeters in length. This divides the paper about into thirds. If you don't have a ruler, you can just roll the paper into thirds. This is not as precise, but still works.

Step 4: Valley fold the left edge so it aligns with the right edge

Step 5: Unfold and your paper is now neatly divided into thirds

Step 6: Take the far right side and squash fold  it flat

Step 7: Now squash fold the left side down

Step 8: Once it matches the picture below turn the model over

Step 9: Valley fold the right edge in

Step 10: Valley fold the left edge so it overlaps the right one

It should now look like this on both sides:

Step 11: Valley fold the top left corner down (just the top layer)

Step 12: Valley fold the top edge (just the top layer again) down

Step 13: Now tuck the former top right corner inside

It should look like this:
The tucked in flap will hold the purse together

Step 14: Turn the model over and repeat steps 11-13 on this side

Your coin purse is now complete and ready to hold coins!

To insert coins, gently press on the edges at the top so it opens up. Then insert the coins.

If you liked the coin purse you  might also like the wallet.


  1. The coins just fell out.

    1. You can glue a flap on the top and fold it under one of the front diagonals. Not pure origame. I will use one of these in my zip wallet that doesn't have a coin pocket.

    2. Or make a smaller one and put that inside sideways. Might be bulky.

  2. Stuck on #13... :(

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. You can make your own flap to hold the coins in by adding another step or two. Instead of just repeating steps 11-13, 2nd half of step 14 becomes: use scissors and cut the right and left top edges at fold. Now repeat steps 11 & 12. Now repeat step 13 on the left upper corner. Now you have a built in flap to hold change in. And if you turn it over, a library card turned on its side will slide in between, you have created a pocket for a card. Especially if you tape around the edges to make this coin purse more sturdy. We will be using this for one of our crafts for our summer library program this year. Good luck.

  4. Wonderful! easy to follow instructions and clear photographs. Thank you.


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