Oragami Baggi Box

The Baggi box is a really cool model that was designed by Giuseppi Baggi. It is a very sturdy and practical box, but it has one super neat feature. It can be folded from a sheet of origami paper or an A4 piece of paper (8.5 by 11 inches). When you fold it from an A4 piece of paper, you get different sizes of boxes depending on how you orient the paper to begin with. This is a good model to make out of patterned cardstock paper. It makes your box even sturdier and makes it look pretty cool.

Step 1: Start with your paper color-side down. If you are using A4 paper, orienting it vertically will give you a cube shaped box, while orienting it horizontally will give you a skinny box (pictures of each of these boxes are at the bottom of the page)

Step 2: Valley fold the top up to the bottom, crease, and unfold

Step 3: Valley fold the top and bottom edges to the center, crease, and unfold

Step 4: Valley fold the bottom corners in so their edges align with the lowest crease line

Step 5: Turn the model over and valley fold the right and left edges in so the triangles at the bottom are completely exposed

Step 6: Crease and unfold

Step 7: Valley fold along the dotted line (don't crease the whole paper, just the top box)

Step 8: Repeat step 7 on the right side corner

Step 9: Valley fold the bottom edge up to the top

Step 10: Valley fold the bottom corners up

Step 11: Valley fold the top edge down

Step 12: Rotate the model 180 degrees

Step 13: Lift open the pocket and bring it up so it looks like this:

Step 14: Rotate the model 180 degrees yet again

Step 15: Bring the far edge up so it lies flush with the edges

Side view:
Step 16: Tuck the corners that are sticking out inside the colored flap

Step 17: Do the same on the other side, and your Baggi box is complete!

If you make it from an A4 sheet of paper and start with it oriented horizontally, your box will be long and skinny, like this:

If you made if from an A4 sheet of paper and oriented it vertically it will look like this:

Ta-da! 3 different Baggi boxes made from the same instructions!


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